forced perspective – n. The use of objects or images that are larger or smaller than they should be, to suggest that they are nearer or further away than they really are.

Forced Perspective is a blog for my thoughts & observations, news & reviews, photos & more about theme parks, but mostly Disneyland.

profile picMatthew Gottula is a social media specialist with a degree in entertainment communications. He is a born-and-raised Southern California resident and the “fun” brother of four siblings.


  1. Matthew: Hello. My name is Hugo Martin and I’m a business writer for the LA Times. I’m writing a story about all the expansions that are underway in Southern California theme parks and I need a few comments from theme park fans. Do you have a minute for a quick phone interview?
    213 237-7986

    1. Hi Hugo, I sincerely regret missing this message. In the future if you need a comment from a theme park fan, I might be able to help! I’m easiest to contact on Twitter (I just checked, we follow each other on there.)


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