A Little Perspective

“You know what I’m craving? A little.. perspective. That’s it! I’d like some fresh, clear, well seasoned perspective. Can you suggest a good wine to go with that?” -Anton Ego, Ratatouille

anyone can cook

I love the film Ratatouille. I think it’s one of Disney•Pixar’s strongest films, and it was a hit with audiences and critics alike. Anton Ego, of course, is the “villain,” the sinister food critic who writes a scathing review that damages the reputation of Gusteau’s restaurant (and claims the heartbroken chef’s life).

But after tasting a remarkable dish created by a “tiny chef” named Remy that brings back memories of Mother’s home-cooked meals, he has a change of heart. In his review he states: “The bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so.”

Much like Gusteau’s restaurant, The Walt Disney Company is haunted by the memory of the untimely death of its founder, leaving subsequent leaders the challenge of making products that appeal to a modern generation while living up to the lofty standards that were set early on. The results are mixed.

And just as “anyone can cook,” anyone can be a critic. With America’s right to free speech as their ally, any average Joe with an Internet connection can make a free account on a blog, forum, Twitter, YouTube etc. and say pretty much whatever they want about anything. Even the most seemingly insignificant details on any subject can be documented, scrutinized and endlessly debated. The Disney fan community, for better or worse, is no exception.

So, why for this blog? Let me explain.

Chances are pretty good that if you’re reading this, you know me as @DLthings or @DLtoday on Twitter. I started those accounts (way before the official @DCAToday account entered the picture, by the way) because I love Disneyland. I love its colorful history, the people who built, maintain and operate it, and the sights, sounds and feelings you experience just by having the privilege of being there.

And I do think I’m very privileged. I grew up not 10 miles away from the Matterhorn, and ever since those special once-a-year visits to the park in my early childhood (which quickly led to more and more frequent visits as time went on) I was hooked. Everyone has that one special thing that they turn to again and again in different phases of their lives because it makes them happy. Disneyland just happens to be mine.

So I decided to start talking about it. Start sharing photos and breaking news. Start finding people who enjoy it just as much (or more) than I do.

In the Disney fan community, there are lots of different perspectives. This blog is to share my perspective, for things which I think deserve more than 140 characters to explore.

Now, I don’t think my opinion is better or more important than anyone else’s. I don’t think everything is magical, but I don’t hate everything either. And I don’t claim to be an expert on how The Walt Disney Company operates, having little to no experience with managing a theme park nor leading a giant entertainment conglomerate that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I’m just a fan.

Nevertheless, I think I have some unique insights as a fan that might interest you. My photography could never compete with the likes of, say, Andy Castro or Tom Bricker, but I would like to share a few photos. Offer my observations on what I think works and what I think could be better. Point out something in the parks you may not have noticed before. Review a couple products or meals I’ve purchased. I’ll try to make it as entertaining as possible, and hey – it might help out with or even inspire future Disney trips of your own.

To paraphrase Anton Ego: I don’t like Disneyland, I LOVE it. If I don’t LOVE parts of it… well, I’m not afraid to say so.

And although I’m not forcing anyone to read my blog or agree with its contents, and by making a reference to something embedded in Disney nomenclature which I think you’ll all appreciate, I’m calling it Forced Perspective.

I welcome your feedback by leaving a comment in the space provided below. Thanks for reading, and make sure you follow me at @DLthings for future blog posts!


  1. Bravo! Welcome to the blogosphere! I must say… love the theme you chose. Looks fabulous. Can’t wait for more posts and the inevitable controversy you will be creating. Hehe.

  2. Can’t wait to read more than 140 characters about your favorite park! My very first DL visit was in May 2012, and I really want to go back and explore more!

  3. Welcome!

    I always love to find new blogs, especially Disneyland specific ones. I love that you’ve created a space to speak your thoughts, more than the 140 charaters of Twitter can allow – I know of one personally that started for same reason.

    Looking forward to a fesh perspective!

  4. Well written and BRAVO on choosing the oft-overlooked central theme of perspective in “Ratatouille” – will be following along with pleasure. A fresh perspective is always welcome: best of luck blogging!

  5. I will be following along. Always appreciate how your tweets are a little more than playful banter. Looking forward to the super-sized versions.

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